Sunday, 4 December 2016

Apologies for the adsense of blog. Andrea the force behind Ambient Aura is in hospital with a severe back injury. Will keep you all posted on her recovery but still awaiting diagnosis of the problem with an mri scan due tomorrow. Fingers crossed and feel free to send well wishes

Monday, 21 November 2016

The Launch

Yesterday we launched the website, whoop! Please visit and have a look around, theres much more on there than things to buy, even if its just a read of their purpose.
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I wanted to share with you something that happened this morning. Its totally unrelated to the launch but in a way is a lot to do with what Ambient Aura is all about.

Early this morning I found myself driving on a motorway, it was just turning slighly less dark than the night, a sort of charcoal grey. The rain was coming down, well when I say down it was more like a few degree's off horizontal. It must have reached the ground eventally as the spray from the early morning traffic was everywhere and making visibility awful.
The rear lights and the constant breaking of cars in front added a red glow to everything, making the morning seem angry and impatient.

It was effecting my mood as I could sense the negativity of the monday morning commute mirrored in the driving conditions. At the time I was in the fast lane and contributing to the disgruntled chaos.

I took a deep breath and let myself fill with positive energy, its out there if you know where to look. I pulled over to the slow lane and started smiling. I had in that moment become detached, on onlooker in the negatively charged, impatient scene I was part of not a few seconds before.

I relaxed and watch, the break lights were slill flashing but now just seemed melancholy and the weather just another rainy day. I drove that way for several miles but felt relaxed and peaceful as I turned off at my junction.

When I thought about this as I drove to my destination it struck me as a perfect synergy to the detachment you feel when you have chosen a path where you are at one with your soul and spirit. The inner peace you get when you accept yourself for who and what you are. I'm glad I have and through Ambient Aura I hope we can help others find their path too.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

It may seem from the absence of posts things have slipped into the dreaded blogger void of silence! The interlude however has been the serenity of a swan floating gently on a pond, whilst unseen and beneath the water frantic paddling in the form of finalising the website and getting the all too necessary thumbs up from official types has been progressing.

The wait is now nearly over and we are on the eve of the eve of go live, Whoop! 

So we thought we'd leave you with a little poem that we have come up with for our coffee mugs, hope you like it!

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Well today is November 5th, Bonfire night, when the ephegy on Guy Fawkes is again burned for an act against the UK government in 1605. Whilst the attempt was an act of terrorism and should never be condoned I sometimes wonder if after over 400 years the mans soul deserves a break. The obvious propaganda at the time to discourage similar acts has long lost its purpose and, hey, not even the terrorist and despotic leaders of resent times have a day dedicated to celebrate their exermination and they have actually destroyed life! Why is this relevant to Ambient Aura? Because it relates to the soul and the harmory of the universe. To me Bonfire night is a wash with negative energy and whist the real motive for lighting fires and setting off explosions is lost it continues to create negative energy. You only have to look at Facebook posts to seee that. How many post have you seen where people are fed up with the constant noise of fireworks up to a week before and after the 5th? And I wonder sometimes if the general mood somehow stems from the original negative purpose, whist lost, is manifesting itself in other ways.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

New launch date is now the 8th....a couple of key things with the Government to iron out lol.

In the meant time heres a snippet of information for you:

DID YOU KNOW.....Peppermint is often known as a cooling herb. Peppermint tea is used as a remedy for colds and infusions of equal parts of peppermint and Elderflower can banish a cold or mild attack of flu . Peppermint tea is also used for palpitation of the heart. It is said to have marked antiseptic properties and is used  to stop nausea or vomiting, it is also a wonderful addition to a bath or foot spa to soothe tired feet.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Well its two nights before launch and we are still wondering how we will fit everything in in time. Still we must press on and as Confusius said:

"When its obvious goals cannot be reached, don't adust the goals but the action steps. "

Thursday, 27 October 2016

So today we continue to build our product suite in readiness for launch, spread sheets are filling up with all manner of wonderful things which and we hope there'll be something for all.

The tree calendar has been completed and includes basic drawings on identification. The drawings were done by us as we felt we needed more of ourselves in the calendar that just the written content.